Asperger’s and Girls

In Asperger’s and Girls, several well known experts in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorders join with authors on the spectrum, including Tony Attwood and Temple Grandin. This useful book helps to resolve issues that girls and women on the spectrum face on a daily basis.

Well worth a read. You can get a copy here

How I wish I had this book when I was a tween! It is very enlightening and empowering. Drs. Attwood and Grandin offer their input and I raise my glass to Dr. Attwood for removing the stigma from autism. I think his words of wisdom deserve a place of high honor among a/A and NT (neurotypical) alike. Hats off to Dr. Attwood!

This brilliant and sorely needed work illustrates the social challenges girls with Asperger’s face; it offers a nonjudgmental look at how Asperger’s behavior is often mistinterpreted by the NT world. Authors McIlwee and Iland are personally involved with Asperger’s; McIlwee has Asperger’s and Iland’s brother and some of her friends are on the spectrum. Hats off to these women for describing the challenges girls with Asperger’s face and for speaking to tolerance and the rationale for behaviors that most of the NT world condemns – BeatleBangs1964

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