The best from World Autism Awareness Week 2016

World Autism Awareness Week 2016

If you have somehow managed to miss it…it’s been World Autism Awareness Week 2016.

Here’s a quick round up of the best articles and news from World Autism Awareness Week 2016 to help you catch up.

Lets start with some information on why NOT to ‘Light it up Blue’. This is an excellent article from Paddy Joe at Askpergers ‘Light it up Blue – but for who?’ that explains it all perfectly.

And here’s some information on what to do instead – Have you heard about the Walk in Red campaign? It’s about ‘Acceptance’ than ‘Awareness’. Awareness means that you have heard of autism, but it doesn’t require you to DO anything with that knowledge. Acceptance, however, is about celebration of autistic people making valuable contributions to our world. #Neurodiversity

Ambitious about Autism launched a campaign called ‘Employ Autism

Every young person with autism deserves a fighting chance to make a successful transition from school and college to work.
Young people with autism want to work. So why is it for every person with autism in work there are six who are not?  It’s not good enough. Employers and young people are missing out.


The National Autistic Society launched it’s campaign ‘Too Much Information‘ and with it, this short video about sensory overload in a  shopping centre. Can you watch it to the end?

Alex, who starred in the film, featured on Newsround, explaining “I hope it makes people aware of Autism’

You can watch the Newsround clip here.

The National Autistic Society organised  Nightwalks for Autism and Onesie Wednesday’s (Did you see anyone wearing a onesie?)

There has been a lot of Autism on the TV too. BBC One’s The A Word and BBC Two’s Employable Me have both made great watching.

Lucy Clapham wrote so movingly about what a meltdown actually feels like at The Mighty – Inside My Meltdown

Scottish Autism‘s campaign was ‘Share your A‘, with letter A’s appearing all over social media with the hashtag #AforAutism.

Apple computers did their bit to promote acceptance over awareness, releasing two videos on Youtube

The first is called ‘Dillons Voice’ and shows Dillon, an autistic teen, communicating using his ipad.

Pecs United Kingdown released some free PECS downloads for World Autism Awareness Day 2016

The Guardian newspaper wrote this article about excluding autistic children from school because of their behaviour.

And a new book is released to help explain autism to young children using pictures

There were some beautiful faces in the articles from Parents Magazine – Autism acceptance around the world and from HuffPost Parents Faces of Autism.


So, there you have it. The best of Autism Awareness Week 2016 If I have missed anything, please share links in the comments and I will add them to the article.


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