Disconnecting devices from The Internet Without Conflict

Disconnecting devices from the Internet without conflict.

This wonderful step-by-step guide, from RedStoneCrow, details how to turn on/off your children’s devices from another computer.

Click here to download the PDF:  Disconnecting devices from The Internet Without Conflict

Have you ever thought ‘I wish there was an easier way to control access to the internet without having to consider the battle first’? It’s always a long hard battle to avert the children from their screens and devices.

How can you be sure that their devices are no longer connected to the internet when the children/teens should be asleep?

For many parents, a simple solution is to disconnect the router and hide it! The problem here is that you, yourself can no longer access your daily fix of Netflix after bedtime.

This guide will help to put you back in control and disconnect individual devices within your home without the need to hold the device in your hands. No more challenging demands to hand over a device until the next day.

The guide is not overly-complicated and once you have successfully attempted to control internet access with this method a few times you will find it comes naturally and you won’t even need the guide

Every internet capable device has a unique identifying number called a MAC address.  By knowing this number you can instruct your Wi-Fi router to deny internet access to any given device. Equally, you can instruct the device to have permission to connect to the internet. It really is as simple as that and the guide takes you through the process step-by-step

Download and share – it’s the best thing you will do this year!

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