Find Me app (age 18 months to 3 years)

I discovered the Find Me App when it was first released. Find Me is free to download, but the extended version costs a small amount.

It is designed for children aged between eighteen months and three years, (or the equivalent ability level). The user is encouraged to find and touch the person in the picture, encouraging facial glancing.  The eyes on the people are designed to be reasonably small. Most children’s cartoon characters for this age groups are typically drawn with very large ‘baby’ eyes, which may be off-putting to a person with autism.

When the child taps the person, it makes a small noise as a reward. After 5 taps, there is a full screen, animated ‘reward’. For example, a train crosses the screen with appealing music. The character speaks, with simple and clear instructions. It says ‘look at me’, ‘find me’ and ‘where am I?’

As the child progresses through the levels,  the screen gets busier, with trees, footballs, animals and clouds in the picture, making it harder to find the character and filter out background complications.

The character can be altered to one of several choices, as can their voices (Male/Female/American/English). The ‘Reward’ screen also has a choice of actions. With the version that you pay for, you can also record your own voice to use with the character and there is a larger range of levels and options for the game.

This promotional film base on the form of the app, visually and audio effects distracting the audience to express the difficulties for autistic children to keep focus, incept information, and interact with people in everyday life.

You can watch the promo video for Find Me in the link above.

And buy or download the ios app here. It’s also available on the Android system

I used the app with great success and also found it a very useful tool to teach touch-screen skills.



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