Personality Spotlight: Gerard Groves

The Jigsaw Tree were contacted today by BBC Raw, a BBC Pilot Project for socially and racially diverse young people who want to develop as digital filmmakers – just like Gerard Groves.

This has given us an idea to create a ‘Personality Spotlight’ series of blog posts. If you know anyone that you would like to shine a little light on and have them featured in our blog – get in touch with us here.

BBC Raw Gerard Groves

BBC Raw Gerard Groves

BBC Raw asked if we could shine a little light on one of their new Production Apprentice’s due to his involvement in the fields of autism and visual media.

Gerard Groves has Asperger’s Syndrome and shares his thoughts and opinions about the positive impact Asperger’s Syndrome brought into his own and everyone’s lives in his workplace.

You can visit BBC Raw on their social media sites BBC RAW  and Twitter.

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