Pheebsters Sensory Toys discount code

Pheebsters Sensory Toys discount code

Pheebsters are offering Jigsaw Tree followers a 10% discount on their fantastic range of affordable sensory toys, use the code JIG at checkout until 31/12/14


Have a look at their website and see if there is anything you needs…

PHEEBSTERS is a family run business aiming to sell good quality sensory toys at an affordable price.

We understand that finding suitable sensory and tactile toys is not so easy in your average high street shop.  We have personal experience in Autism, special education needs and sensory processing and we hope that this reflects in the products we sell.

We aim to have products suitable for Autism, ASD, ADHD, Asperger’s Sensory Processing Disorder and Special Needs.  Our range of products include light toys,  chew pendants, fidget toys & sensory toy packs.

Having the right toy can be a key factor when getting a child to engage in play and we try to offer a range of stimulating, yet fun toys.  We also appreciate that any age range from infant to elderly can benefit from these sensory items and we try to keep this in mind when selecting products to offer.

We sell sensory toys from only 99p and goody bags from only £9.99 !!

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