Speech & Language Therapy Summer Courses (Yorkshire)

Speech & Language Therapy Summer Courses in Wetherby, Yorkshire


If you live in Yorkshire, check out this summer holiday programme for children on the spectrum from the fabulous The Talking House. The Talking House is an independent Speech and Language Therapy service for the whole of the Yorkshire counties providing a range of speech and language therapy services to children and young people under 19yrs.

Here’s a link to their new blog.

You can follow The Talking House on Facebook and Twitter too.

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Support and Guidance for Parents – Speech and Language

The Talking House provide support and assistance for parents worried about their child’s speech and language development. Our service are suitable for children and young persons up to 19 years of age.
We can help your child with…

Saying words more clearly
  • Attention and listening skills, i.e. following instructions
  • Widening their vocabulary and use of language structures
  • Having confidence when talking to others
  • Interaction and social skills
Worried about your child coping at school?
We can help with:
  • Advice on pre-literacy skills
  • Advice and support with learning phonics
  • Screening for dyslexia
  • Curriculum support
  • Learning strategies
  • Problem solving and friendships
  • Exam advice
We have experience in working with specialist interventions such as
  • Talktools
  • ABA
  • Sonrise
  • Makaton
  • PECS
  • Sensory Integration



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