The Autism Puzzle – a BBC Documentary

The Autism Puzzle

From Saskia Baron Journalist, documentary film-maker and series producer:

Documentary made in 2002/3 for the BBC, featuring my autistic older brother Timothy, and my father Michael Baron, co-founder of the National Autistic Society.

It explores the history of autism and why the disorder is affecting increasing numbers of people as its definition has broadened and awareness has grown.

A mixture of personal history, archive film dating back to the 1960s and interviews with families affected by autism – including writer Charlotte Moore and artist David Braunsberg.

The Autism Puzzle also features insight into cutting-edge research into brain anatomy and the genetics of autism from some of the world’s leading authorities – Dr Lorna Wing, Professors Tony Bailey, Fred Volkmar, Christopher Gilberg and Ami Klin.

The Autism Puzzle

The Autism Puzzle

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